Benefits Of Hydrotherapy

Non- weight bearing zero impact exercise Reduce swelling/inflammation Reduce stiffness Reduce pain Increase Range Of Movement (ROM) in limbs Build muscle Increase stamina Weight control

Conditions it can help with -



Hip/elbow dysplasia

Patella luxation

Ligament damage

Pre/post op

Mobility issues

Weight loss


What to expect when attending hydrotherapy (1hr session)

-Your dog will be assessed on arrival, gait analysis, weight, health check and muscle mass measurements taken -Pre shower to warm up their muscles and remove any debris from their coat -Every dog is fitted with a harness/life jacket -Each dog has an individual programme for their swim depending on their individual requirements -Post swim shampoo/shower and dry

A hydrotherapist is with your dog at all times in the water to ensure a safe environment.

Please note that YOU may get wet!

Things to consider ....

DO NOT feed your dog for at least 2hrs prior to attending hydrotherapy

DO NOT feed your dog for at least 1hr post hydrotherapy session

Please ensure your dog is ‘clean’ prior to attending. The hydrotherapy pool is a clean environment for all dogs to enjoy

The pool

Bromine is used as the chemical for filtration of the pool. Bromine,Ph & Alkalinity levels are tested a minimum of 3 times per day to ensure they are kept within the requirements to maintain the water quality & the safety of your dog. The pool is kept between 27-31C to stimulate the flow of blood to the muscles.

Courses attended at Hawksmoor hydrotherapy ...

Level 3 certificate in hydrotherapy for small animals Animal first aid Water management Anatomy and Physiology Medical conditions Orthopaedic and Neurological Conditions Principals, Professional Practice and working in a Multi Disciplinary Team

Canine Hydrotherapy


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Monday to Sundays -

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Closed Wednesdays, & all Bank Holidays